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Turn Around -- By The Engineer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Reaper   
Wednesday, 15 December 2010 02:23

C                                         G
He had held her tight and she'd heard him say

Am                                             F
just one last time and he'd be home to stay

C                                             G
then she watched him leave through the morning mist

Am                                              F
one last hug goodbye one last departing kiss

C                                G
melting into the fog she watched him sail away

Am                                                     F
wishing that she'd said what she'd wanted to say



C                             G
Baby turn around! Please turn around!

Am                               F
Don't go on into that restless sea

I'm waiting on the ground

with our hearts still bound

Am                                                    F
and I'm needing you to come back home to me

C                                    G
So please turn around!


C                                         G
It's been two weeks now, but it's felt like years

Am                                            F
since he'd been gone, hoping in spite of fears

C                                  G
but she's smiling now, because she'd just heard

Am                                                F
that he was on his way, coming back home to her


C                             G
but soon her mind was full of dread

Am                                                    F
because of what the weatherman had said

C                                     G
He'd called it the storm of the century

Am                                           F
and it was between her love and safety

C                                            G
and so she fell to her knees and began to pray

Am                                            F
these were the simple words that she had to say


(Repeat Chorus)


C                                 G
It's the longest night that she'd ever known

Am                                                F
waiting for some word, waiting by the phone

C                       G
wind and rain, with every lightning flash

Am                                                                   F
She saw each memory of them as though in a photograph

C                                     G
her worst fears found, when the word got 'round

Am                                                                   F
and she learned that all they could ever be had gone down...


C                                              G
She stood looking at the sea, in the morning light

Am                                                 F
Years later now, and she's been doing all right

C                                     G
only the morning doves could hear her sadly say

Am                                                                             F
as she wondered where they could have been on this day


(To Chorus, slow)


C                                         G
If you had turned around, just turned around

Am                                         F
and headed back from that restless sea

you'd be on the ground

with our hearts still bound

Am                                                   F
you would have come back home to me

C                                              G
if you had just turned around.

If only, baby.


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