Taylor has been nominated for International Artist of the Year and International Video of the Year for “Highway Don’t Care” at Australia’s CMC Music Awards!  The winners are chosen by the fans, so head over to the CMC website to cast your votes now! Visit the CMC Awards Homepage to vote!

Taylor has been nominated for International Artist of the Year and International Video of the Year for “Highway Don’t Care” at Australia’s CMC Music Awards!  The winners are chosen by the fans, so head over to the CMC website to cast your votes now!

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Written by Reaper   
Sunday, 16 January 2011 16:20

TaylorSwiftVille is a growing site and community and we work together as a team to help build the site.  Because we're still trying to grow as a site we're also looking to hire people who have specific skills sets to help advance the site or to help lighten the workload for existing staff members.  If you're interested in applying for one of the positions listed below, please fill out our application form and email it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Please remember that we can only accept so many applicants for the positions and they will be selected based on the background, experiences, and recommendations.  Our site does not make any profits so we cannot afford to pay our contributors.  All staff members will receive staff membership in our chatroom, their own blog for the site, and a recognition on our staff page.  All staff members on this site in addition to having the necessary skills to fulfill their positions must also be huge Taylor Swift fans and be committed to making this site be a place where Taylor Swift herself would love to visit.

Staff Positions

Position Requirements Staffed By Status
Site Owner Reserved for the individual who owns and operates the TaylorSwiftVille site. Reaper Filled
Project Manager This position requires an energetic and self-motivated individual who can coordinate the efforts of others to help direct the various site projects. Reaper Filled
Site Advisor This position entails offering opinions on existing aspects of the site, coming up with ideas to improve the site, and offering design perspectives. The site advisor's responsibilities also include informing people if something they're doing may be detrimental to the site. Keep in mind the site advisor is not a manager, they offer insight but not order that something be done. Fearless Filled
Site Developers Site developers are people who work on enhancing and building the website itself. This position requires good writing and grammar skills to be accepted. This position is separate from individual tasked jobs such as maintaining news. Site developers may be tasked with adding new pages, fixing and updating existing pages, and restyling information layouts. A working knowledge of HTML/XHTML and CSS is preferred but not required. Reaper
Graphic Designers Graphic designers are people who work producing pictures and original work for our site. This may include taking photos of Taylor Swift for our sites exclusive use, creating images that can be used on the site and site sponsored application, and helping to design new layouts for the website. Substantial skills using photoshop and being willing to dedicate many hours towards working on images for the site are a must. DysLexie Apply
News Reporter This position will involve tracking Taylor Swift and keeping the fan community up to date with the latest news and information. This will also involve updating the Speak Now Tour section with updated information and ticket sales. A good understanding of HTML is required for this position. Active experience in HTML/XHTML and CSS is preferred. Fearless Apply
Forum Administrator This position will involve managing the forums and forum moderators, ensuring that fans and posts are adhering to forum rules, and creating an enjoyable experience for Taylor Swift fans to use the forums. Forum administrators are also expected to abide by forum moderator rules. This job requires working knowledge and administrative experience with phpBB3 forums. You will be required to pass a knowledge test before being admitted to this position. Reaper
Forum Moderators Forum moderator applications are maintained and viewed by the forum administrator. Forum moderators will be tasked exclusively with helping to maintain and participate in the forums, ensure that users adhere to forum rules, and create an enjoyable experience for the forum users. The forum administrator will be your manager and direct the specifics of what they would like you to do. You will be required to pass a knowledge test before being admitted to this position. Vacant Position
Chatroom Administrator This position requires managing the IRC server based chatroom and chatroom moderators and ensuring that users have an enjoyable experience and adhere to the network and chatroom rules. Chatroom Administrators are also expected to abide by staff rules. This job requires you to be actively involved in the chatroom for at least a few hours each day. This job is a skilled position that requires you to have advanced knowledge of IRC servers and clients, great people skills, and prior IRCop experience. You will also be required to pass a knowledge test before being admitted to this position. Andrew Filled
Chatroom Moderators Chatroom moderators will help the chatroom administrator maintain the chatroom, ensure that users adhere to the network and chatroom rules. The chatroom administrator and site owner together will review applications for who is hired. You will need a working knowledge of IRC servers and IRC clients, good people skills, and IRCop experience in order to do this job. You will also be required to pass a knowledge test prior to being admitted to this position.


Lead Advertiser Advertising will be directed by the Site Owner and the Lead Advertiser will be responsible for ensuring the advertising is accomplished. This position requires finding new and creative but non-intrusive ways of helping spread the word for our site. Fearless Filled
Advertisers One of the best ways that will help our site to grow is word of mouth advertising. This job requires requires no real application, but we ask that if you're interested to fill out the application we've made and submit it so we are able to have a better understanding of what resources you intend to use. This can include anything from telling your friends on MySpace about this website, to mentioning it to your offline friends, to even telling Taylor Swift herself about it! All advertising is appreciated and we intend to make a special page thanking fans who really dedicate themselves to helping our community grow! Vacant Position Apply
Scripter The official site scripter will maintain the official Taylor Swift script for mIRC as well as create other scripts for users to use. An excellent understanding of mIRC and mIRC scripting is required. The Taylor Swift script was recently upgraded to mIRC 7.17 which has caused some functionality to fail and this will need to be fixed. The position also requires the creation of script installers using WiX (Windows XML Installer) so prior WiX experience is essential. Reaper Filled
Twitter Manager If you really enjoy using twitter, following people, and getting people to follow us, this job is for you! Represent our site on twitter, make friends and invite them to join our online community or simply talk and have fun. Our site information is right on the twitter account so every time you talk to people, follow someone, or have someone follow us; more and more people will find out about our site even if you don't advertise directly! Reaper Apply
MySpace Manager If you're a fan of MySpace and like using MySpace for social networking and you're a fan of Taylor Swift, this job will be right up your ally. The job entails creating a nice looking MySpace page to represent our site and then use it to link up with other Taylor Swift fans on MySpace. At all times try and catch the interest of swifties and include them in our community! Reaper Apply
Facebook Manager What could be more fun than taking control of a Taylor Swift fan facebook page and using it to connect with both your friends and other people on facebook who love Taylor Swift. If this sounds like it's something you would like to do then please apply! Reaper Apply
Tumblr Manager Lots of Taylor Swift fans have accounts on Tumblr blogs and TaylorSwiftVille is no exception. If you would like to work creating an awesome Tumblr account for us and using it to connect with other Taylor Swift fans then this would be a fun and fulfilling position! Fearless Apply
YouTube Manager YouTube is very popular site for Taylor Swift fans to go to and see Taylor Swift's latest videos. This is a position that requires further expertise than traditional social networking. Part of this job on top of connecting with Taylor Swift fans will include the creation of unique videos for the TaylorSwiftVille site. We allow you to shine with your own creativity in making videos. If this sounds like something you'd love to do please apply! Vacant Position Apply
Community Organizer Our intent isn't just to make a nice website, we would like to go further to show our support for Taylor Swift. One of the things we would like to do is challenge fans and perform works ourselves to help brighten the lives of children suffering from serious illnesses, help save animals, etc. We would try to do all of this through organizing our community to accomplishing these feats to model Taylor Swift's own kind heart. The community organizer would be responsible for helping to come up with ideas, planning out how to accomplish them, and mobilizing fans to help out. This position requires a strong desire to do good for people and excellent people skills. Reaper Apply
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