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Yearbook -- By The Engineer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Reaper   
Saturday, 22 January 2011 20:29

Written By: The Engineer

It's been over ten years
could it be my imagination
since I stood in line waiting
at my high school graduation

First the army and then college
then to working for a living
growing apart from friend and foe
forgetting and forgiving

Just the other day I looked down
while dusting off my bookshelf
I saw my yearbook on the bottom
I opened it, and asked myself

Where are my old friends now?
If they're doing well I'd be glad
Did they ever realize their dreams
back when dreams were all that we had
Did they grow up to be famous
Or are they the favorite local cook
These were the question I asked
Looking through my yearbook.

I put my yearbook down and I considered
and I decided that I was curious to see
how my old school friends had been getting on
and if they had ever wondered what became of me

In my mind I knew that high school
had been a difficult phase
But my heart only remembers
all of the good days.

(Repeat Chorus)

So I got online and I searched facebook
I didn't know what I would be able to find
but it thought that it was worth a look
and the web's the only way that came to mind

Then to my surprised delight I managed to find a friend
and after some consideration I went and added them.
Then later I clicked the chat window down below
and for the first time in over a decade

I said "Hello."

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