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Three Clicks Away -- By The Engineer PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 13 February 2011 06:01

Written By: The Engineer


D                                                    Asus4
I wake up every morning and I'm feeling fine

G                                                  Em           A
ever since the day you told me you were mine

D                                                 Asus4
and even the darkest of times still seem okay

G                             Bm
because I know I'll get to talk to you

A                            D
at the end of the day.


D                                                Asus4
Even though I can't see you, I still feel your love.

G                                   Em                          A
It lights my world and warms me, oh and speaking of...

D                                                  Asus4                    Bm
I wanted you to know that you mean everything to me

G                                   Em             A
you make me love you every day effortlessly

D                                    Asus4             Bm
Well I know loving at a distance is a difficult way

G       Em                               A                                            D
and I wish I could be there with you on this Valentines Day



D                                   Asus4
I wish I could hold you tight

D                                      A
and softly whisper your name

D                                 Asus4
I'd like to send you a gift

G                                 A
oh, but they all seem so mundane

D                                     Asus4            D
It occurred to me that what I could give

Asus4 G        Em                    Asus4
is the love I feel simple and plain

Asus4 G           D                   Asus4        D
So I'm singing you a Happy Valentines Day

Asus4                                     G
From three thousand miles, three timezones

A                          D
and three clicks away.


D                                              Asus4
I've loved speaking with you on the phone

G                             Em            A
How hours pass so quickly is still an unknown

D                                                         Asus4
Never an awkward silence, could it actually be

G                        Em                           A
that I've finally found the only one who's right for me?

D                                                       Asus4
Many things scare you and I know you've said

G                       Em                      A
that you don't believe yourself to have courage

D       Asus4                      Bm             D          Asus4
But I know you try hard every day to find success

G                     Em                A                     D
and I wanted you to know I think you're fearless


(Repeat Chorus)


D                  G           A                  Asus4
I'm sending my love to you in the only way

A               Asus4     Bm                     G          A
Because I can't be there with you on this special day

G                        A                      D
I'm writing you this song for a Valentine

G                        A                                D
and I'll be right here waiting for you until the time...


D                                         Asus4
When I can truly hold you tight

G                                      A
and softly whisper your name

D                                                     Asus4
When we can both exchange our gifts

G                              A
our lives will never be the same

D                                           Asus4
but until then this is all I'm able to give

Asus4       G          D                   Asus4         D
and I'll be singing you a Happy Valentines Day

Asus4                                     G
From three thousand miles, three timezones

A                          D
and three clicks away.


Bm                   G
Have a Happy Valentines Day

A                            D
From three clicks away.

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