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The Lake -- By Bristy PDF Print E-mail
Written by Reaper   
Tuesday, 06 November 2012 03:33

~The Lake~

By Bristy.

She runs up and down the stairs
To get rid of that pain,
That she got after yesterdays lunch.
She was with him at the fair,
Right beside the fountain,
And she wished she could give him a hunch.
She looked in his eyes,
She tilted her head,
He never realized,
He never would've guessed.
She tried to tell him the truth,
She tried everything that a girl should.
But she didn't say those three words when she could.
She stared at her feet
She searched the whole ground,
The answers she sought,
Wasn't near to be found.
When he spoke those horrible words
I bet it hurt like hell.
No one could ever tell, how sad she felt.
She didn't say a word, she didn't say a thing,
She didn't even dare to look at him again.
Tears rolled down her rosy cheek,
As she tried to run away from him,
You can swear she could hear her own heart beat,
`Cause he said the words that she would never want him to repeat.
On that Sunday night,
She watched the stars shining so bright.
Hoping that he could hold her tight.
She thought he was perfect
She thought he was fine.
She knows she can't forget,
She knows she can't rewind.
All that love she wanted to show,
He didn't get a sign, he didn't even know.
Looking right out that window,
She wished for a place to go.
Looking for a place wasn't very hard,
She used to know a lake which wasn't too far……………………………
The End