Taylor has been nominated for International Artist of the Year and International Video of the Year for “Highway Don’t Care” at Australia’s CMC Music Awards!  The winners are chosen by the fans, so head over to the CMC website to cast your votes now! Visit the CMC Awards Homepage to vote!

Taylor has been nominated for International Artist of the Year and International Video of the Year for “Highway Don’t Care” at Australia’s CMC Music Awards!  The winners are chosen by the fans, so head over to the CMC website to cast your votes now!

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Sunday, 05 December 2010 13:46

This page lists out the rules that we have for out website specifically in regards to the chatroom and forums.  Because this is a family oriented community site, most of the rules are based around cooperation, keeping things clean, and prohibiting abusive behavior.  A full breakdown of the rules can be seen below.  I wanted to thank you all for adhering to the rules of our site services.  Please keep in mind that failure to adhere to the rules may result in your prevention from using the chatroom, the forums, or both in the future.

Disciplinary Actions

Whenever rules are broken we may take disciplinary action against the offenders.  This will vary based on the offense and severity of the offense and may range from warnings to being removed and banned from further participation.  In the forums offenses may result in posts being removed by our moderators to accounts being removed or suspended for abusive activities.  In more serious offenses where crimes are committed against TaylorSwiftVille or it's members, we will prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law.  If for some reason you have been banned, had posts removed, or had your account removed and you feel this was done in error or unjustly you are free to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your information and the incident in question.  Your claim will be reviewed and disciplinary actions lifted in situations where you are found to not be in violation of our rules.

General Recommendations

While general recommendations are not truly rules and not adhering to them will not result in any punishment from our staff, they should be regarded for your own safety.  These general guidelines can help you avoid running afoul of our actual rules as well as keep you safe from even worse fates such as online predators.

  • Keep in mind that whenever you post anything online even if you believe it is private, never assume that other people can't see or won't find out about what you're saying!  In general practice, do not say anything online that you don't mind everyone seeing.
  • Giving out some information about yourself is fine such as your first name, age, gender, and general location (such as state).  However DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES provide personal information to anyone online pertaining to your address or addresses of places you frequent such as school, last name, phone number, social security information, financial information (including debit/credit card numbers), passwords, or any other sensitive information of either yourself or your family.  Our staff members will not approach you and ask you for your passwords or any other personal information, so if someone does come to you asking for something like that even if they claim to represent taylorswiftville, I can assure you they are not legit!
  • Be careful when giving out other aspects of social networking sites to people you meet on the chatroom such as facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.  The recommendation above applies to anything online not just our chatroom and your social networking sites may contain information you don't want some people to have!
  • Not everyone is honest online.  Just because someone says they're fourteen years old doesn't mean they are.  You cannot prove or often even tell  whether they are telling you the truth or if they're really an older man attempting to solicit you.  If you choose to seek relationships online particularly if you're underage take things slowly and if you decide to meet your boyfriend or girlfriend PLEASE bring a parent or legal guardian with you when meeting them for the first time!
  • We ask that you speak in our chatroom main channels using English only.  We reserve the right to remove users who refuse to speak in English.
  • On chatrooms such as this one, it is inevitable that users will come on claiming to be Taylor Swift, a member of her family, someone who works for her, or part of her band.  While we certainly hope Taylor Swift would choose to come here at some point she would only do so under two circumstances: (1) a scheduled appearance where our staff members would be fully aware and we would make you aware of it as well.  (2) she would come on secretly and not make it known who she was.  Anyone making a claim as described above should not be taken seriously.  Anyone claiming to be or represent Taylor Swift and asking for your personal information is not who they say they are and you should not give out any personal information to them.
  • We don't choose to ban any topics on taylorswiftville from being discussed at this time, but keep in mind some topics are hot zones for fights to break out.  A few of these topics include politics, religion, philosophies/morality, and sports.  Keep in mind fighting isn't tolerated; you should participate in such conversations only if you feel you can keep your temper and be respectful of conflicting views.  In general these are topics you may want to avoid if you don't like debate or conflict.


The chatroom is really a network of individual chatrooms in which any user can create their own chatroom using simple commands.  These individual chatrooms are usually referred to as "rooms" or "channels".  If you create your own chatroom you may also create and enforce your own rules for your chatroom.  Keep in mind the channel rules listed below apply only to chats that are owned and operated by taylorswiftville staff members.  Keep in mind for both chatroom and network rules a case may occur where a helper or staff member requests you to do something or to stop doing something that isn't explicitly covered in the rules.  In such cases you should comply with their requests to avoid any disciplinary actions.

Network Rules

These rules apply for channel creation and the general use and conduct on the chat network.  These rules are fairly straightforward and common so people familiar with chats should not be surprised by any.

  • Hacking - Attempting to exploit users and/or the chat in general or even threatening to attack users is considered a serious threat and may result in your immediate removal.  The propagation of malware such as Trojan horses or viruses also falls into this category.
  • Stealing - Stealing someones nickname or channel once it has been registered may also result in your removal from the chatroom.  Keep in mind this applies to registered channels and nicknames only.  Please remember that if you want to keep your nickname you must register it.  If another person registers it for any reason the name or channel technically belongs to them.
  • Harassment - Harassment, sexual or otherwise, is not tolerated on taylorswiftville.  If you are being harassed please keep logs or copy and paste the harassment for evidence and report the abuse to one of our staff.  Evidence is important as the person doing the harassment may deny it.  If you report harassment falsely in an attempt to get another person banned (for example, submitting falsified logs), and are caught.  You will be removed from the chatroom immediately.
  • False Claims - Another form of harassment is to make a false claim that someone is breaking network rules when they really are not.  While not foolproof, TaylorSwiftVille has means of tracking activities and if you claim someone has been doing something that they have not been doing we consider this a serious offense.  In such cases the person making the claim may be disciplined up to and including permanent removal from our chat.
  • Chatroom Names - This is a family oriented chatroom so any channel names that are deemed inappropriate by staff will need to be cloaked from normal viewing by setting a channel mode +s.  A staff member can assist you in making this change if you do not know how to do it.  Keep in mind if you refuse to comply with this rule your channel can be removed from the chatroom and you be removed or otherwise barred from participating on the chat.  This rule also applies to having inappropriate material in your channel topic.
  • Bots - We have some tolerance for bots in cases where someone wants to use a bot for monitoring their channels or providing some form of entertainment.  Keep in mind that using excessive bots or using bots to be abusive to other chatroom members is prohibited.
  • DoS/DDoS - These types of attacks are common, annoying, and difficult to counter.  If you are caught performing or participating in a DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack, you will be banned from future participation in the chatroom.

Channel Rules

Channel rules again apply only to taylorswiftville owned channels.  A channel belonging to an individual may have it's own rules and be locally enforced.  You will want to check with a chatroom moderator (often referred to as channel operators) to make sure you adhere to the rules of individual chats.  The chatrooms owned by taylorswiftville include #TaylorSwift, #trivia, and #help, any other rooms that exist are technically considered personal chatrooms and may have their own rules.

  • Obscene Langauge - Using obscene language such as cursing is against the rules.  Ordinarily we enforce it through replacing bad words with <censored>.  However staff may deem other terms inappropriate and if you are caught using obscenities and continue to do so after being warned, you may be removed from the chatroom.
  • Obscene Nicks - If your nickname is deemed inappropriate by our staff for any reason they will ask you to change your nickname.  If you refuse or change your nickname to another obscene nickname you may be removed from the chatroom.
  • Racial Slurs - Racism isn't tolerated on taylorswiftville.  If you use racial slurs directed at any race you will be removed.
  • Hating - Any form of hating on Taylor Swift, her family, or any of her band members will result in your immediate removal from our chatrooms with or without warning.
  • Fighting - While debates and arguments are common on chatrooms, we ask that all parties involved be respectful of each other.  Typical debates and arguments can turn into fights very quickly if one or both parties begins personally insulting the other.  If a fight breaks out that you are participating in you may be asked by a moderator to carry out your fight in private messages or in another personal channel.  Continuing to fight may result in the removal of all parties involved.
  • Flooding - Flooding, sometimes referred to as spamming is putting up a lot of text all at once, placing up lots of bogus text trying to be annoying, or simply repeating the same message over and over.  Flooding is generally annoying and can result in you being removed.
  • All Capitals - Chatroom etiquette referring to capital letters is that if your message consists of nothing but capital letters, or most of your message is capitalized, it is the same thing as shouting.  This is generally considered rude/abusive behavior and is not tolerated.
  • Advertising - Advertisements can be annoying.  If you create a new channel you may want to invite friends there which is fine.  Mentioning your channel name is also fine providing it is done discretely.  Mass messaging or mass invites, or continually posting ads for your channel may result in your removal.  You may not under any circumstance advertise other sites or networks without approval from taylorswiftville staff.  This may also be enforced at a network-rule level by our spam filter.
  • Mass Highlights - Saying someones name in the chatroom can often make their computer beep and window flash to try and get their attention that someone is talking to them.  Highlights such as this can be annoying if done only to bother the person and not because you really want to talk to them.  In cases of mass highlighting (saying everyone's name or most people's name in the room) is very rude, annoying, and may result in your removal.


Forum rules are similar to the chatroom rules.  Keep in mind that the forum administration and staff members reserve the right to remove any post or topic deemed to be inappropriate.  Participation in the forum role play must be approved by Robyn before entry can be permitted and you will need to be respectful of your fellow participants to remain in the game.  A list of official forum rules can be found below.  Keep in mind that forum administration may still remove posts and/or warn & discipline users on a case-by-case basis for actions that are not explicitly covered in the rule set.

  • Hating Posts - Any post that hates on Taylor Swift, her family, or members of her band will be removed with or without notice and with or without warning.  The individuals account may also be suspended or removed.
  • Advertising Posts - Advertising of any sort on the forums is annoying.  All advertising posts will be removed and the individual's account may be suspended or removed.
  • Be Respectful - Whenever making a post, please be respectful of other posters.  Fighting on the forums will result in disciplinary action for all participating parties.
  • Threats/Harassment - Like on the chatroom, threatening or harassing posts will not be tolerated.  Such posts will be removed as we find them and the person conducting the post's account may be suspended or removed.
  • Spamming - Any posts containing lots of bogus nonsensical text or posting many different posts of garbage text or the same message over and over will will be subjected to such posts being removed along with the posters account.
  • English Only - Our forums are English Only meaning any posts that are submitted in a foreign language will be removed. When posts in foreign language are also suspected of spamming (such as containing links to non Taylor Swift related material) we will treat the message as a spam and the account in question will be removed along with all messages the user has posted.

Those are our rules, we hope that all participants will follow them which will lead to a more enjoyable experience for everybody.  Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns or to report any abuse.  I'll see you all on the chat and forums!

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