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Saturday, 29 October 2016 02:48

Happy Halloween!

We've decided to create a special section for Halloween that will feature some original creepypasta stories. For anyone who isn't familiar with creepypastas, these are scary stories written by various online authors. All of the scary stories featured here were written by our own staff members and have been published here for your viewing pleasures. So turn your lights out, put on some scary music, and read these stories aloud at slumber parties. Or you can just read these stories yourself in a dark room. Either way they're sure to bring some creepy entertainment to help spice up your Halloween festivities!


Some of the stories featured contain content of a violent or disturbing nature. These stories were not created for young children to read and we strongly advise younger viewers and those who do not care for scary stories to refrain from reading them. Even though these stories were written by our staff members, we must emphasize some of them are very scary!

Story Name Description Scary Rating
Sleep Tight
Two girls host a friendly sleepover. But it just may be their last... (7/10)
Down Under
A boy gives a cautionary tale of his experiences down under. (5/10)
Killer Stalks
A group of friends finds terror within a Halloween haunted corn maze. (8/10)
My Diary
Have you ever wondered what reading the diary of a serial killer would be like? Read this and you will know! (6/10)
Parts and Pieces
A crazy ex girlfriend goes a bit too far to get her boyfriend back. (8/10)
Should Have Known
A group of friends protests violence against women while a killer stalks their town. (4/10)
Shower Curtain
You should always check your shower curtain before going to bed... (6/10)
They Crawl
As the name implies, this story has bugs. (7/10)
Who Would Suspect
Sometimes your killer can be the last person you'd expect. (6/10)
Why I Don't Go Near Mirrors
Mirrors are scary. Enough said. (10/10)

More creepypastas will be available soon. Keep checking back for more thrills and chills!

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